arcv.pls.txt.scrb.spc.spt.vs - Limited Edition Collection

arcv.pls.txt.scrb.spc.spt.vs collection is a series of hand printed silkscreen prints by artist, Eleanor Gates-Stuart. The images are a satire documentary on the musings of the artistic collective, 'gatescherrywolmark'. The artworks reveal text, codes, patterns, environments and verse, presenting a challenging multi-vision panorama of narrative.

The prints are double-sided allowing the opportunity for works to be viewed on either side and options for modular arrangement and grouping.

Limited Edition Collection - arcv.pls.txt.scrb.spc.spt.vs

Collection consists of a set of 28 Double-sided artworks

Exclusive Limited Edition of 3 collection sets

Hand screen-printed by the Artist using Matisse Derrian water based ink printed on Magnani Pescia 100% cotton paper. 56 cm x 76 cm

Each image is printed 'edge to edge' on deckled paper.

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