FingerCodes FC01-FC15

In FingerCodes, science is an important link in that my interest in science aligns with communicating scientific information through art. Art interpreted as visual artefacts. In these works, FingerCodes, I use a system of drawings and sketches that develop the process of the simple mark, the fingerprint, aligned to complex and integrated structures.

These drawings include references to external sources that provide additional information to the images with visual threads of numerical and language content. The task is to aesthetically simplify these layers of complexity and conceptual meaning, to explore the fingerprint, translated as FingerCodes.

The series consists of Fine Art works available in following options:

Hahnemuhle Monet Canvas (410gms)

112 x 224 cms

Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper (310 gms)

112 x 224 cms 

56 x 112 cms

 © Eleanor Gates-Stuart