Classified: The start of a new code

These new images are the start of a new series 'Classified' to be associated with imaginarymediaimages (IMI). 

By association, meaning the boundaries of working in 'two minds' (eleanorgatestuart & imaginarymediaimages) often overlap and therefore it is an opportunity to explore this space and enjoy some new works. During the writing of my PhD thesis it was noted that I write in two voices so now it is time to take advantage of that skill and see what happens.

Certainly the works are autobiographical and this is inevitable given the intense research period over the last year or so.

These sketches .. artworks are exploring 'All things Print' shared with IMI.

Do contact me if you wish to know more or would like to exhibit any of the works, or even collaborate.

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Carolyn Bedford
Carolyn Bedford

March 07, 2015

I knew there was a reason to keep my sketches safe besides showing the artist,s thought process. They are fine art in themselves. Like the colour tint added. Beautiful

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