Blast from the Past, Artworks feature in New York

It is always amazing to find out where certain artworks travel. These South American Masks Series I & II found their way to New York and are in the Crosby Street Hotel in New York. A long way from my hometown in Sheffield where they were made and life here in Australia. An interesting tale as these works became known to me via Warner Bros. who needed a licence to use them in a film shoot interview with Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City 2. Apparently they were bought in an auction for the hotel but I am not sure how they ended up over in the US. The hotel is filled with artworks.

The works were actually created in 1986 and interestingly featured as an album cover for the Hornweb Saxaphone Quartet - Kinesis. I made the calligraphic prints following a trip to Venezuela having been inspired by its culture.

It makes me wonder what journeys other works have had over time and to know that they are still being enjoyed.

Crosby Street Hole, New York, US. 2014


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Susan B. Hale Kemenyffy
Susan B. Hale Kemenyffy

September 29, 2014

Recently an Atlanta gentleman was visiting an estate auction at The Painted Ladies in San Francisco, when he came across 5 of my prints & one copper plate. One print with an enigmatic inscription caught his eye. He purchased it &
contacted me via the internet, thus beginning a delightful months long correspondence, with much additional research on his part…Another gentleman – from the West – contacted me about a print that he had purchased 48 years ago, while I was an MFA graduate student with Mauricio Lasansky at the University of Iowa. It had moved 11 times in corporate travels throughout the western US, including Alaska. He was downsizing, & although the print was dear to him, he needed to find it a new home. He asked if I would be interested in having it back. Of course, I said yes & offered to pay shipping. Two days later, when the package was opened, I was suddenly 25 again, creating the first of many Mezzotints.

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