June 21, 2016


Take a look at scientific innovation - 'Under the Surface'

'Under the Surface' @ Scitech Rio Tinto Innovations Central WA

‘Under the Surface’ focuses on WA mining and minerals and the innovation involved in looking under the earth’s surface working with research scientists at CSIRO WA and Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines. Visualising innovation is a crucial part of this research and the context of scientific brilliance as it places Australia at the cutting edge of global science. ‘Under the Surface’ is commissioned by the Scitech Discovery Centre (WA) and as Artist in Residence, Gates-Stuart explores ways in which art can help communicate science to non-scientists and scientists alike, particularly in this instance of the science museum. The installation is aimed at playful engagement allowing the audience to interact with the artwork by using their body gesture (hand movement) to control and explore the layers of context. 

Influenced by scientific innovation and with reference to historical artefacts, ‘Under the Surface’ is a collaboration of knowledge and information sharing in bringing this artwork to completion. It explores complexity of technology in scientific and industrial innovation, repositories of information (both physical collection and electronic) through visual communication and interpretation through artworks. 

'Under the Surface' by Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart at Scitech WA


Images: 'Under the Surface' by Artist, Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart at Scitech WA

‘... our ability to generate large geoscience datasets is beginning to outstrip our ability to integrate and interpret them. Capturing and managing the geological uncertainty, incomplete evidence, and the scientific debate characteristic of creating an understanding of Australia and its mineral systems through time is a major challenge’.

Uncover: Australian Exploration Geoscience Research, Searching the Deep Earth A Vision for Exploration Geoscience in Australia (Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, Australia, 2012

Science Art Commission / Residency 


Artist: Eleanor Gates-Stuart 

Scitech Rio Tinto Innovation Central

Andrew Hannah

Serena O’Neal


Mineral Resources WA

Steve Harley, Louise Fisher, Peter Schaubs, Belinda Godal, Margaux Levaillant


Matt Adcock, David Feng

WA networks 

Christine Boase, AngloGold Ashanti,


Aaron Budarick, Mt Charlotte KCGM

Marty Lake, KCGM


Jyotindra Sapkota, Wayne Hitchcock, Geoscience Mapping, Geological Survey Department of Mines and Petroleum


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November 19, 2015


Science and Art - Mineral Resources CSIRO

Amazing support from Mineral Resources at CSIRO WA for 'Under the Surface', Scitech Artist Residency 2016 - Eleanor Gates-Stuart. Busy few days dashing between Scitech and CSIRO WA in bringing together Art+Science+Technology. Well done CSIRO for engaging with artists.

Visiting 'scientist' - artist at Mineral Resources CSIRO

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November 19, 2015



Exploring spaces at Scitech WA as planning for my Artist in Residence work is under development. A few days to meet with the amazing team of staff and enjoying seeing the exhibits full of visitors - so much fun.

Will keep posting about the project especially as we move nearer the date to the launch. Had a great look around all the spaces and saw a super cool exhibition about to open. I had a special peek of the exhibition behind the scenes. Lots to think about………...

Eleanor Gates-Stuart at Scitech Discovery Centre

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November 05, 2015


Under the Surface by Eleanor Gates-Stuart at Scitech Discovery Centre, Australia

'Under the Surface' 

Back in Australia to take a first look at the hardware in preparation for the artworks for 'Under the Surface' at Scietech Discovery Centre, WA. Cannot wait.

'Under the Surface' by Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Scitech's Artist in Residence 2016

Image: Beautiful Western Australia by Eleanor Gates-Stuart (Professor Techno Art @ NCKU)

Supported by CSIRO and Geoscience Australia

Further details - Contact Eleanor

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October 22, 2015


Under the Surface

Eleanor Gates-Stuart Scitech 2016

Scitech Residency 2016 - Dr Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Designs coming along for the project: currently working on the still images taken from my visits to WA mining fields. A bit of a delay since being overseas but hopefully back on track. Video files next with research images from scientists at CSIRO.
Eleanor Gates-Stuart Design Stage 1 - Scitech Residency 2016
© Eleanor Gates-Stuart
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August 19, 2015


Green and Gold and Red

Australia to Taiwan: Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart at National Cheng Kung University - Techno Art

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart, National Cheng Kung University
Very excited to be taking up this overseas appointment in Taiwan having worked on many collaborative projects there over the years. This will be an opportunity to develop international research , artistic opportunities, projects and international networks.

Looking forward to be working and living between Taiwan and home in Australia, continuing my passion for science, arts and technology. Happy to hear from artists interested in developing research projects in these areas.

Acknowledgements: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) ANU, Scitech

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June 16, 2015


All awash

Painting the Blues

Developing a series of washes as part of my 'brush' templates First sign of a similar approach in the FingerCodes Series. Remnants of gatescherrywolmark with echoes of sub-cultural european influence.

Blues by Eleanor Gates-Stuart


© Eleanor Gates-Stuart 2015

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March 06, 2015

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Classified: The start of a new code

These new images are the start of a new series 'Classified' to be associated with imaginarymediaimages (IMI). 

By association, meaning the boundaries of working in 'two minds' (eleanorgatestuart & imaginarymediaimages) often overlap and therefore it is an opportunity to explore this space and enjoy some new works. During the writing of my PhD thesis it was noted that I write in two voices so now it is time to take advantage of that skill and see what happens.

Certainly the works are autobiographical and this is inevitable given the intense research period over the last year or so.

These sketches .. artworks are exploring 'All things Print' shared with IMI.

Do contact me if you wish to know more or would like to exhibit any of the works, or even collaborate.

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March 04, 2015


Printed Artworks: Eleanor Gates-Stuart

In lifting that sheet of paper from the printing press and seeing the results, whether an etching, lithograph or relief print, has always been an exciting moment for me in making artworks. Not just the results but also actually the whole process of making the drawing, placing marks on a plate, cutting a block and inking the surface ready for print.

I also have that same sense of excitement seeing an artwork being printed on a digital printer and transfixed as I watch the inks lay down colour, line after line across the surface with the intensity of the image appearing. I have always had a thing with computers and the ability to manipulate images constructed from multiple sources and the challenge in retaining that painterly mark, albeit indirectly applied and its tactile appearance to its destination surface is continuously in my mind.


Sketch: Digital composition - The balance of filters and brush marks 

It would actually be quite exciting to say have an all in built machine such as an etching press combined digital press and the whole process streamlined so that the engraved line and embedded line can be produced at the same time. Of course, one can be done after the other, from the digital printer to etching press but I do like the idea of an all in one technology. Even the automation of such a machine sounds exciting, including the design build. Just add 3D capacity and that would be fun.

Sketch: Archives - Tools of the trade

I enjoying experimenting with materials with my work engaging traditional methods to digital and 3D printing, such as using 3D printed titanium metal insects. In my work, FingerCodes, produced at the University of California Santa Cruz, these works used a complexity of content rich material layered upon layer and embedded into a unique digital composition and digitally printed. These large scale works actually formed the basis of my PhD, represented in one of three case studies looking at art and science communication: How can the notion of identity, through a fingerprint, elicit personal expressions of self-­identity?


Detail: FingerCodes, FC02 shown with system grid showing the compositional elements

 My works are now digitally printed through imaginarymediaimages, the research imaging side of my practice and output through the IMI studio. It provides immediate access from sketch, capture, compose and print with time to contemplate the results. All the works produced for the Centenary of Canberra Commission were produced on similar equipment so it made sense to replicate the technology at IMI. Actually artworks, ‘In the Mix’ and ‘Splendour’, can be seen in the collection of the ACT Government Legislative Assembly Art Collection in Canberra. The IMI studio also offers specialised quality printing to other artists and published works for sale. I am fortunate to have the equipment at hand and also willing to share expertise with others.


Imaginarymediaimages – all things print



Imaginarymediaimages: www.imaginarymediaimages.net

 Finger Codes Image FC02: PhD Thesis, Gates-Stuart, E. (2014). Communicating Science: Explorations through Science and Art. Australian National University.

 ACT Government Legislative Assembly Art Collection: www.parliament.act.gov.au/home


December 20, 2014



Communicating Science: Explorations through Science and Art 
Created this image ‘Discovery’ to celebrate the my PhD Research at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS), Australian National University & the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). 

'Discovery' © Eleanor Gates-Stuart

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